Types of Ice Fishing Lures

By | October 10, 2013

Types of Ice Fishing Lures

There are many different types of ice fishing lures that can be used for ice fishing. Which ice fishing lures to use typically relates to the species of fish you are after and the water conditions. Most of the winter ice fishing lures can also be used throughout the summer fishing season, which means you don’t need to duplicate a lot of the standard lures that you use.

Most ice fishing anglers have their own particular ice fishing lures that they swear by in the various lakes that they go ice fishing in. Below is a general list of common ice fishing lures and the ice fishing methods the ice fishing lures are used with.

Ice Fishing Jigs

Ice fishing jigs can be many different shapes and sizes but ice fishing jigs are typically either heavy ice fishing jigs for bouncing off of or near to the bottom or lighter ice fishing jigs that are designed to fall through the water at different rates to attract fish. Ice fishing jigs can be used as stand alone ice fishing lures or ice fishing jigs can be combined with ice fishing bait. Ice fishing jigs are almost always bright colors and very shiny to attract attention with the visual movement through the water. Ice fishing jigs can be all different sizes from about the size of a dime to much larger.

Ice Fishing Spoons

Ice fishing spoons can be either hard bodied or shaped or thin, traditional spoon shapes. Ice fishing spoons are attractive to fish for their bright colors and bait like movement ice fishing spoons make as they move through the water. Ice fishing spoons that are hard bodied can be shaped like minnows and may be used in jigging rigs or in a slow fall through dark, deep water. The shape of ice fishing spoons causes them to almost float through the water, mimicking the slower moving minnows in the cold water.

Plastic Ice Fishing Lures

Ice fishing lures are often made of various colors and textures of plastic. Plastic ice fishing lures can be pre-scented to act as both ice fishing lures and ice fishing bait, or plastic ice fishing lures can be a combination of bright coloring and scent. Plastic ice fishing lures are often shaped like worms, bugs, grubs or minnows. Plastic ice fishing lures are often used with a jigging rig close to the bottom of the water. Plastic ice fishing lures are very durable and can handle landing numerous fish before they need to be replaced.

Ice Fishing Tails

Ice fishing tails are sometimes used as ice fishing lures on their own or ice fishing tails are added to ice fishing spoons or spinners. The ice fishing tails are plastic and provide additional action in slow drop fishing. The ice fishing tails spread out in the water like fingers, slowing the rate of the ice fishing lures dropping as well as adding to the movement in the water. Ice fishing tails can be of all different lengths, colors and textures depending on the water conditions and the species of fish you are after.

There are many specialty ice fishing lures available. The internet is a great place to find new ice fishing lures, and their low cost makes it possible to have a wide variety of options available when you arrive at your favorite ice fishing spot.

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