Renting An Ice Fishing Hut

By | October 8, 2013


Renting An Ice Fishing Hut


In areas where ice fishing is popular, there are typically some industrious individuals that will bring together a bunch of ice fishing huts that can be rented for the day, week or even for the season. Ice fishing huts can be of almost any size, level of comfort and price range for rental.

Typically commercially made ice fishing huts will include a heating source. Often ice fishing heaters, propane or alternative fuel source ice fishing heaters, many with larger tanks securely mounted to the trailer or sled area of the portable ice fishing huts. Ice fishing heaters are a great feature for setting a comfortable temperature in ice fishing huts. They also keep ice from forming on the open waters over the holes. Wooden stoves are common ice fishing heaters too, although they will require wood to be brought out onto the lake.

If you are planning on renting a portable ice fishing hut, be sure to get a written contract and understand all terms and conditions of the portable ice fishing hut rental. Usually the portable ice fishing hut rental company will bring the portable ice fishing hut onto the lake for you, but some may require you move the portable ice fishing hut yourself.

Be sure to inspect the portable ice fishing hut before you move the portable ice fishing hut and record and mark any damage, scratches or other defects that you notice. Point them out to the portable ice fishing hut rental company and ensure that they are correctly identified on the contract.

Padded benches and other additional features can really be a great idea, especially if you plan on having the family out ice fishing. Windows or electrical lighting, typically run off car batteries or large cell batteries, really help keep the area bright inside. Ice fishing huts that are darker inside have the added benefit of allowing anglers to see deep into the water, helping to identify fish and movement within the water.

Often snow and ice glare is just as much of a factor in discomfort in ice fishing as is the cold weather. The extreme glare of the sun off the white surface can damage your eyes, even with good quality sunglasses. Fishing from ice fishing huts completely eliminates the glare as well as providing the windbreak needed to weather even high wind conditions in relative comfort.

There are few disadvantages to using ice fishing huts, but the biggest disadvantage to using ice fishing huts is the lack of mobility. Once ice fishing huts are set up, it is really time-consuming to secure everything to move ice fishing huts to a new spot. Since some species of fish, such as perch and walleye, tend to move around considerably in the lake, stationary ice fishing huts can often limit the anglers ability to move around on the lake. In situations like this, a smaller portable tent style ice fishing shelter may be a better option.

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