Renting An Ice Fishing House

By | October 10, 2013


Renting An Ice Fishing House

If you are trying out a new lake or are not a frequent winter angler an ideal way to save money and still stay comfortable out on the ice is by renting one of the many different styles of ice fishing houses. Ice fishing houses are permanent shelters on the ice and are not designed to be moved frequently like other types of ice fishing shelters.

When considering a day or two out on the lake, check with local fishing stores or bait shops and find out if there are rental ice fishing houses. Some rental companies will have the ice fishing houses already on the lake. The ice fishing houses are available for rental for the full season or just for a weekend or day while the season is open.

The advantage of ice fishing houses over other types of ice fishing shelters is that ice fishing houses are usually larger, easier to heat and maintain, and have all the comforts of home. Ice fishing houses may have sleeping areas, stoves and heaters, windows and even tables for your comfort and convenience.

In renting ice fishing houses there are some questions that should be asked and some information that you should have. Some of the basic considerations to look for in renting ice fishing houses include:

*A written contract agreement that includes topics such as cancellation policies, insurance on the building if required, damage issues, safety information and exact costs of the rental for the time period. If the ice fishing houses are being rented for the season, what is the season defined as in the agreement?

*Be sure to complete an inspection of the ice fishing house with the owner, including recording any structural or cosmetic damage that you note before renting the ice fishing house. This would include any items that are damaged, broken or missing.

*Clearly understand who is responsible for getting the ice fishing houses on or off the lake, and if there are any restrictions on where the ice fishing houses can be located. The owner is usually someone who knows the lake, so they can often make recommendations as to where the best options for ice fishing are.

*Discuss any issues with regards to locking up ice fishing houses and security and who has access to the ice fishing houses. If you are renting ice fishing houses for a full season, this is more important than a day or weekend rental.

Finally when renting ice fishing houses, it is a good idea to do a bit of research. Be sure to read the reviews from other anglers and ask around for the best possible ice fishing house rental company before deciding on renting an ice fishing house.

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