Pamper Yourself With An Ice Fishing House

By | October 11, 2013


Pamper Yourself With An Ice Fishing House


Being out on the ice can sometimes include long periods of waiting for the fish to decide to bite or in just patiently trying different ice fishing lures and ice fishing bait to get some ice fishing action. In the cold weather even short waits can seem like an eternity, but being warm and comfortable in your own ice fishing house can make all the difference in the world.

Ice fishing houses are designed to be a more permanent ice fishing shelter, at least for a season. Ice fishing houses are not designed to be mobile or as portable like an ice fishing shanty or ice fishing shelter is.

Portable ice fishing houses often are build on trailer frames and are permanently mounted to the frame to allow anglers to simply hook the trailer hitch to the truck and drive out on the ice to place the portable ice fishing houses in a good location. Portable ice fishing houses may also be on skids or on a sledlike base that allows for easy towing of the portable ice fishing houses onto the ice.

Some of the more “creature comforts” available in a permanently located ice fishing houses include:

*Bench seats or even padded couches for comfort while monitoring the ice fishing holes.

*Propane, natural gas or wood heaters that are vented and properly mounted off the ground in ice fishing houses to allow for temperature adjustment and constant temperature maintenance.

*Cooking area including a stove, table and even electrical lighting that can run off of car batteries or off of an inverter hooked to a generator or car engine for recharging.

*Gas powered generators for all the electrical power required. All that is needed is a can of gasoline brought to the ice fishing house when required.

*Fully stocked supplies for first aid, food and additional gear and supplies.

*Sleeping area for weekend or overnight stays.

Basically ice fishing houses can be as spartan or as deluxe as the angler wishes. It is important to consider the weight of the ice fishing house and to monitor the ice conditions at all times to prevent weakening or damaging the ice under the house potentially leading to risks of breaking through the ice.

Ice fishing houses need to be removed from the ice at the first signs of spring thaw as most locations will require the owner or renter to pay for the recovery of ice fishing houses should the ice fishing houses sink into the water.

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