Eskimo Ice Shelters (with video)

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ESKIMO Ice Shelters

The Eskimo Ice Shanty comes to you straight from Cumberland, Wisconsin, where ice fishing on Beaver Dam Lake is not so much a preference, but a priority! Local manufacturer Ardisam Incorporated understands that serious fishers want a quality fishing shack that has updated and evolved with the times. An Eskimo Ice Shelter isn’t your grandfather’s ice fishing shelter, but they are built with the same pride and craftsmanship that your elders fondly recall. In fact, Ardisam has been a leader in seasonal sporting goods for more than 50 years, spanning three generations of this family owned and operated business. You’ll find that these Eskimo Ice Shelters were clearly designed by engineers who are well-versed in construction materials and methods, but also by passionate fishermen who understand the trials and tribulations you face out there on the ice. If you’re not the type of person to let the winter weather stand in the way of your fun, then continue reading to learn all about the different models of Eskimo Ice Shelters that may suit your ice fishing needs.



Say your top priority is finding an ice shanty that is portable and easy to transport. Perhaps you remember the time you threw your back out dragging a hundred-pound oversized ice shelter that could have housed a woolly mammoth. Or maybe you need something that better fits on your dog sled or snow mobile convoy. The Quickfish Eskimo Ice Shelter models represent the most portable Eskimo Ice shelters on the market today. But don’t think that “portable” or “lightweight” means flimsy. This product is extremely durable, coming with special features like tie-off ropes for added stability, ice anchors for windy fishing trips, an extra-long skirt that keeps drafts out, a RED rugged extreme durable fabric that can withstand all the abuse the kids can throw at it, and a dual-pull zippered door with the YKK 10 coil style zipper that you couldn’t break if you tried. These Eskimo Ice Shelters are perfect for tossing up at a moment’s notice if the weather turns ugly.

QuickFish 2

The first question you’ll want to ask yourself is, “How much space do I realistically need,” and “Who is coming with me?” If you need a bare bones basic ice shanty, then the Quick Fish 2 Eskimo Ice Shelter may be all you require. You’ll get 25 square feet of fishing area and room for two, as well as 6 ice anchors. This fishing shack has four windows, one door, and one gear pocket. When set up, you’ll have 76 x 76 inches of elbow room, but the whole setup collapses down to 8.5 in x 8.5 in x 45 inches and weighs just 18 pounds that you can carry as a backpack. However, if you’re taller than 5 ft. 7, then you will have to hunch, as the height is 67 inches, or you may want to upgrade to a larger models Eskimo Ice Shelters has to offer. These huts are designed to keep the wind out, but they are not insulated.

QuickFish 3

If you have a hard time choosing between your best friend and your brother, perhaps the larger Eskimo Quickfish 3 Eskimo Ice Shelter is a better bet so everyone can fit in one cozy ice shanty. Instead of 25 feet, you’ll get 34 square feet of space and room for three. You also get an extra gear pocket and extra door on this model. The set-up size is 70 x 70 inches, but you will have noClick her for price: Quickfish 3 Eskimo Ice Shelters trouble standing up if you are 6 ft. 8 inches or shorter. Enjoy 90 x 90 inches of elbow room (in case your fishing shack turns into a mosh-pit). Best of all, QuickFish 3 Eskimo Ice Shelters collapses into a small 23-pound backpack that is 8.5 x 8.5 x 52 inches.

QuickFish 4

What if you want to ice fish with Houston Rockets’ star center, Hasheem Thabeet, who measures an astounding 7 ft. 3 inches? If you can believe it, theres an Eskimo Ice Shanty that will fit him standing up perfectly straight. The QuickFish 4 Eskimo Ice Shelter is the tallest portable unit on the market, giving you 92 inches (up to 7 ft. 8 inches) of height. This four-person fishing unit allows you to fish 48.75 square feet of space and sets up to 90 x 78 inches. You won’t be bumping elbows with 110 x 100 inches of room. What people like about this model is that the rectangular shape allows for more fishing space and there are larger windows for viewing the great outdoors. Instead of the usual four windows, you get eight, and you also get eight ice anchors (instead of six). You’ll also enjoy better insulation with the Cold Air Barrier that retains heat and reduces condensation. Like the QuickFish 3, you have two doors and two gear pockets as well. When collapsed, these Eskimo Ice Shelters shrink down to 9.5 x 9.5 x 61.5 inches and 30 pounds.

QuickFish 6

You might be the type of person who believes in living large. Like you always say, “The more, the merrier!” The Eskimo QuickFish 6 Ice Shanty is the party iceshanty, with enough room for six people, be it family, friends, or that creepy loner who offered to let you drink his beer and use his bait if you could “spare room for one more inside your tent.” Hey, why not? You won’t have to come near him with your 160 x 90 inches of elbow room and 68 square feet of fishing space. When set up, the fishing hut is 140 x 170 inches and 80 inches high (which is perfect for anyone under 6 ft. 8 inches). Later, you can collapse all this down into a manageable 38 pound backpack that is no bigger than 10.5 x 10.5 x 52 inches. Did we mention you get an extra anchor for a total of 9 with these Eskimo Ice Shelters? You’ll also have six windows, two doors, and two gear pockets on this model as well.


Maybe what matters most to you is finding Eskimo Ice Shelters with the most fishable area. Maybe you want to catch a big Northern Pikes or Walleyes, or you need more room to send your fish-finder down the hole. Like the QuickFish models, the FatFish models are easy to set up and tear down with their hub designs and extremely portable, with models weighing as little as 23 pounds. You’ll have the same large mesh storage pockets and large view-friendly windows as the QuickFish models. FatFish models come with wider, more heavy-duty reinforced bottoms and sturdier corner joints, as well as removable Velcro windows for ventilation control and slightly stronger ice anchors.

FatFish 767

Get 40 square feet of fishable area with these 3-person Eskimo Ice Shanty. The modest size may be all you need if you’re 5 ft. 7 inches or shorter and you don’t require more than 76 x 76 inches of set-up space and 81 x 81 inches of elbow room. When collapsed, the FatFish 767 Ice Shanty is just 23 pounds and 55 x 7.4 x 7.4 inches. You’ll get 6 A-frame windows, 2 gear pockets, 2 doors and 6 ice anchors with this model.

FatFish 949 & 949I

Get 61 square feet of fishable area with the Eskimo FatFish 949 Eskimo Ice Shelter 4-person model. You can squeeze those basketball players into this model, with 80 inches (6 ft. 8) of head room and 99 x 99 inches of elbow space. Even though it’s 94 x 94 inches when set up, it collapses down to 65 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches and crams into a 27 pound backpack for easy trekking. Like the other model, you also get 6 A-frame windows, 2 gear pockets, 2 doors and 6 ice anchors. Also, the FatFish 949i Eskimo IceShelter model includes added insulation for those particularly frigid climates.

FatFish 9416

Invite the extended family with these enormous 9 person, 109 square foot of fishing space Eskimo Ice Shelter.

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When set up, this unit is 167 x 94 inches; it collapses down to 61 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches, but you might want to have the dogs or snowmobile shoulder the brunt of the 41 pounds. You’ll be able to fit all your tall friends with 80 inches of head space and 99 x 172 inches of elbow room. You still have 2 doors and 2 gear pockets, but you’ll have 10 (instead of 6) A-frame windows, 4 additional large mesh pockets, and 9 ice anchors (rather than six). You can think of your FatFish 9416 as the cabin of the fishing shack world.


If you’re the type of person who likes to sprawl out over a picnic table where you can lay out and organize all your different types of bait and lures, then the Flipmo models might be more your cup of tea. Of all the Eskimo Ice Shelters, the Flipmo gives you the best bang for your buck, with high-quality engineering at an affordable price. Instead of the hub-style construction, you get a steel-frame and steel sleds for a sturdier unit that is more permanent and suitable for towing (rather than backpacking). The RED (Rugged, Extreme, Durable) fabric is suitable even if you want to ice fish in Nome, Alaska. On cold days, you can position your heater in the corner opposite of the strategically-placed door. On warmer days, you can flip these Eskimo Ice Shanties open in half-position and use it as a wind break. The vents allow you to control the temperature, while the extra long skirt keeps drafts out. If you’d like, you can opt for the tow bar to drag this gear behind your snowmobile or four-wheeler.

Flipmo 2

The Flipmo 2 Ice Shanty is modest 2-person Eskimo Ice Shelters with 22.5 square feet of fishing space, 67 inches of head room, and a set-up size of 84 x 60 inches. This 84-pound unit comes with 2 Vents, 6 Windows, 1 door, 2 gear pockets, and a 60 x 31.5 x 7 inch sled. You’ll also enjoy two 17-inch-tall seats.

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It can be confusing shopping for portable ice shelters with so many makes and models to choose from, but hopefully this guide to Eskimo Ice Shelters has helped you narrow down your options. Basically, the QuickFish models are ideal for snowshoeing and dog sled excursions where you want to travel light, but be prepared for any type of weather. The FatFish models are great if you want to join the local iceshanty town and put up shop for several days at a time. The QuickFlip models are superb if you like to have the option of fishing in the open air and if you want to tow your super sturdy shelter, rather than carry it. All of the Eskimo Ice Shelters are built-to-last and come with a 1 year limited warranty.

If you are looking for high-quality engineering for a reasonable price, then Eskimo Ice Shelters by Ardisam Inc is a great place to begin your search. Please share your experiences and knowledge about Eskimo Ice Shelters below in the comment area of this page, happy fishing!

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