Clam Ice Fishing (with video)

Clam Ice Fishing History

For more than 30 years, Clam Outdoors has been a brand that outdoorsmen have trusted with their lives. They know that, when the wind comes whipping across the ice and sleet rains down, they will remain warm and dry in their dependable, durable gear. Clam not only built the very first Fish Trap Ice Shanty more than 30 years ago, but they also offer the best selection of ice fishing huts and have been the largest manufacturer of the ice shanty since 1993.

Several decades ago, ice fishermen sat on buckets in frigid temperatures. It was a sport for the hardiest souls. However, it’s grown to be a popular outdoor adventure sport for young and old that attracts as many families and winter vacationers as it does seasoned angling veterans. As Clam President Roger Scherping explains, “Today, you’re in a warm clam ice fishing shelter with a heater, electronics, state-of-the-art angling equipment and warm clothing.”

The sport has grown in leaps and bounds over the past two decades, with the company enjoying a 10-15 percent increase in revenues nearly every year – thanks, in large part, to their ice shanty innovation. In addition to their core 50 employees, Clam consults with more than 50 professional ice fishermen who assist with research and product testing.

Despite the fact that Clam makes every possible ice fishing accessory you can imagine (from rods and clothing to LED lighting and trailers), the clam ice fishing ice shanty is still their core product, which sells like hotcakes in markets like Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Clam Outdoors makes more than 30 models ranging from one-person flip-over houses to eight-person hub shelters. Prices range from $200 to $1,000, depending on the size and features.

Clam Ice Fishing Popular Models

Fishing Space: 11 sq ft
Center Height: 58 inches

Clam Trapper 1-Man
The Clam Fish Trapper is for anglers who want something lightweight, easy to set up, and portable. This model was designed to travel — folding down to a size of 50 x 36 x 14 and weighing just 38 lbs. Need to find a better spot? No problem! Move from point to point using the built-in sled. This clam ice fishing shanty comes with a folding chair with backrest and insulated storage that locks into the sled base for a supportive seat.

Clam Twin Hub I 

Fishing Space: 25 sq ft
Center Height: 68 inches

If you need room for two, you’ll love the ultra-lightweight Clam Twin Hub I Ice Shanty, which breaks down into a compact 5×5 case and weighs just 13 pounds. You’ll be protected from the elements thanks to the high-quality, rip-resistant material, but on a nice day you can open up the two zippered access doors and four windows for ventilation. The 4 tie-down ropes and anchors ensure that your clam ice fishing  shanty won’t blow away if the wind kicks up suddenly. This shelter comes with a toboggan-style sled and hand ice auger with 6” blade.

Clam Vista 2-3 Man Clam Ice Fishing - Click Here for price: Clam Vista 2-3 Man Clam Fish House Ice Shanty

Fishing Space: 36 sq ft
Center Height: 84 inches

Tall guys will have plenty of room to stand up in the spacious Clam Vista Ice Shanty. In fact, only the Clam Command Post and Clam Summit clam ice fishing models give you as much standing room. People find this model to be a great beginner hub-style shack because it’s affordable, yet possesses many of the added features of the high-end models. For instance, you’ll get an over-sized skirt for snow banking, an over-sized carry bag to repack quicker, triple-layer corner pole pockets for added durability, super-duty flex-tested poles, and tough 420 Denier fabric to keep the elements out.

Clam Summit
Fishing Space: 48 sq ft
Center Height: 84 inches

Clam Summit brings you the best of everything – compact travel size, super spacious interior and lightning-fast setup. While the Clam Scout uses weather-resistant “IceArmor” fabric for the rooftop to keep you 15 percent warmer and reduce condensation, the walls of the Clam Summit are also made of this material to keep you 30 percent warmer and drier! This model Clam ice fishing shanty comes with draft-sealed windows, a carry bag, 4 anchors with tie-down ropes, and zipper flaps. You may also attach this model to a floor, which is sold separately.

Clam Summit Thermal 4-Man
Fishing Space: 48 sq ft
Center Height: 84 inches

This roomy, top-notch ice shanty is built with draft-sealed windows, chill-proof zipper flaps, and IceArmor cold-blocking technology to keep you 30 percent warmer than other shelters. With a small heater, you can easily keep your hut 60 degrees, even if it’s -20 outside! This model comes with 4 ice anchors, tie-down ropes, and a carry bag.

Click here for price - Clam Ice Fishing: Clam Twin Hub 2 Clam Fish House ice shantyClam Twin Hub II
Fishing Space: 49 sq ft
Center Height: 75 inches

There is plenty of room in the Clam Twin Hub II Ice Shanty for 2-3 fishermen. Weighing just 15 pounds, it’s super easy to move from the car to your fishing spot. If the clam ice fishing becomes too warm with all those hot bodies occupying the space, you can simply unzip the two access doors or 4 windows for ventilation. You get 4 tie-down ropes and anchors and a carry case with this model.


Clam Command Post Thermal
Fishing Space: 72 sq ft
Center Height: 84 inches

The Clam Command Post is, by far, the largest model clam ice fishing shanty – designed for the angler who likes to have the biggest and best of everything. Whether you plan to make annual ice fishing pilgrimages with friends or take your whole family on vacation, this structure is designed to function as a primary fish house, warming hut, and operations base. You can easily fit 8 people in this unit, with room to spare! The whole ice shanty is made from 600 Denier “IceArmor” fabric (to keep you more than 30 percent warmer than other shelters and reduce condensation), not to mention chill-proof zipper flaps, and draft-sealed windows. This clam ice fishing comes with 6 ice anchors, tie-down ropes and an ice anchor installation tool. Weighing in at 63 lbs, the Command Post is considerably heavier than the other models, but that shouldn’t matter if you have a sled or friends helping you move it.

No matter which model of Clam ice fishing shanty you choose, I wish you a warm and enjoyable time out on the ice! It can get confusing with all the different models out there, so please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.

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