Ice Fishing Tips – (with video)

General Ice Fishing Tips

Ice fishing tips – There are literally hundreds if not thousands of knowledge nuggets you will pick up as you journey through the wonderful world of ice fishing. When winter is on its way and temperatures have cooled down, you can feel frost in the morning and eagerly looking forward to a wonderful ice fishing trip. With your brand new fishing rod, you are ready on the go. This article will give you some useful tips to have a great ice fishing trip. Future articles will cover everything from ice fishing safety to many tips and tricks for catching your favorite species of fish.

Of all ice fishing tips number one is to be patient. The ice will need time to become thick enough for people to walk on. It’s imperative that you know how strong the ice is; some times it’s beneficial to measure the ice. If the ice doesn’t look strong enough to walk on please walk away. The last thing you want is other fisherman fishing for you.

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Every ice fishing angler sooner or later adds ice shelters to his list of ice fishing tips. Bring a tent (we reommend the Clam shelters) out on the ice with you. Whatever type of shelter you choose is fine but you will want some thing to shield your shadows from the fish. Early in the year the ice is thin enough that the fish can see your every move, so when you walk out onto the ice be quiet and watch your step. Once you get to the location of where you will drill your hole, use the shelter to conceal yourself. The fish can see your shadow from above the ice, being in the shelter will solve this problem for you. Secondly, and just as important your ice fishing trip will be much more enjoyable if you have a shelter to keep you out of the wind and sun. Read all of our atricles on the various shelters, tents, & houses from our top menu located here.

The last ice fishing tip is to stay put. Early in the season the ice is to thin for you to lollygagger around, the fish are very sensitive and will know that you are there. Once you pick your location and drill your hole stay there throughout the day. It can be tempting after a few hours of no bites to retreat to another location, but you must resist. Early on in the season this can cause you more problems as the more you move the more spooked out the fish will be.

Next time you go ice fishing implement these ice fishing tips and watch your line tug at you as the fish bite your bait.  Oh, and to see the best pricing on Gord Pyzer’s WallEye lures in the video just click here!



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