Ice Fishing Tackle Kits

By | October 9, 2013

Ice Fishing Tackle Kits

For those who are planning to start the exciting sport of ice fishing, there is usually some concern with having the right ice fishing tackle. It can be a bit overwhelming with the huge number of ice fishing rods, ice fishing reels, ice fishing lures and specialty items available in online fishing stores, sporting equipment outlets and at fish and game shows and exhibitions.

Many of the ice fishing equipment manufacturers now put together ice fishing tackle kits that provide all the necessary ice fishing equipment to ice fish almost every variety of winter sports fish in almost every waterway. Ice fishing tackle kits are sold in particular sets including a set numbers of items.

There are also ice fishing tackle kits that are available for fishing particular species of fish such as walleye, pike, lake trout or bluegill. These ice fishing tackle kits are a great idea for new anglers as well as for children who are just getting started in the sport of ice fishing.

Typically an ice fishing tackle kit will include:

*An ice fishing tackle box with various sized compartments and sections for storing ice fishing tackle in a safe and secure fashion

*A variety of weights and split shots including light and heavy weights for various depths of ice fishing from very heavy through to ultra light

*Ice fishing jigs and ice fishing lures

*A variety of leaders


*Depth markers

Essentially this will be the basics of most ice fishing tackle kits. Some more advanced level ice fishing tackle kits will also include additional ice fishing lures and even ice fishing tip-ups, ice fishing rods and ice fishing reels for a complete ice fishing equipment requirement.

Individuals who know that they will be ice fishing for various species, such as walleye, may choose to buy a specific ice fishing tackle kit such as a highly illuminated or glow in the dark type ice fishing tackle kit. These ice fishing tackle kits can be used to enhance an existing ice fishing tackle box or may be a stand alone set of items.

Ice fishing tackle kits provide an excellent selection of ice fishing lures, weights and leaders, ice fishing jigs and plastic worms and ice fishing spoons that can be use in all types of ice fishing conditions. Typically purchasing an ice fishing tackle kit is less expensive than buying all the various components separately in a bait store.

Some of the ice fishing lures and specialty items such as ice fishing bobbers and ice fishing tip-ups may only be sold in ice fishing tackle kits, not as separate items. Additional ice fishing tip-ups or ice fishing lure kits can be ideal if you are planning on running more than a couple of ice fishing lines in the water at any one time.

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