Common Types Of Ice Fishing Shelters

By | October 10, 2013


Common Types Of Ice Fishing Shelters

Ice fishing shelters are usually more or less of a necessity if you plan to spend long periods of time out on the open ice. Ice fishing shelters protect anglers from the bitter winter winds and also prevent sun glare. Ice fishing shelters keep even small amounts of heat within the ice fishing shelters, allowing greater comfort but also keeping ice fishing holes from icing over as quickly.

Ice fishing shelters are meant to be portable and easily moved, which is far different than ice fishing houses which are permanent structures built or pulled onto the ice for the full ice fishing season. Many avid ice fishing enthusiasts use both an ice fishing shelter for mobility in following the fish, as well as a permanent ice fishing house for those really cold days out on the lake.

There are many different types of ice fishing shelters available on the market today. Since they are designed to be easily collapsed and moved, ice fishing shelters are often tent-like in structure, very lightweight, and have the ability to be compacted into easy-to-drag or carry packages. There are several different styles of ice fishing shelters, and the basic construction of each of these ice fishing shelters is described below:

Ice Fishing ATV Mounted Shelters

With the increasing number of ATVs or all terrain vehicles being used for easy movement across the lake and between the parking area and the ice, an ice fishing ATV mounted shelter just makes sense. Typically ice fishing ATV mounted shelters are typically designed to either extend from the storage bags mounted on the ATV or to be pulled or lifted onto the ATV using lifts or dollies mounted to the ATV itself.

Ice Fishing Flip-over Shelters

Flip-over or flip-up ice fishing shelters have a semi-rigid bottom, slightly resembling a tub. This provides the sled like base for easy moving and also provides a floor when the ice fishing shelter is up. The tub also allows for storing and easy transportation of ice fishing tackle, extra ice fishing gear and the ice fishing ice auger. The sides and canvas is simply flipped up or over to construct the sides and the roof at the desired location.

Take down and storage is simple. Just collapse the frame into the tub and fold down the canvas and you are ready to move again. Some of the flip-over styles are designed for up to four anglers and feature space for portable ice fishing heaters and even vinyl or clear plastic windows for natural light.

Ice Fishing Folding Shelters

The traditional tent style ice fishing shelter, the folding style, is very lightweight and easy to move. Since the folding style ice fishing shelters are so lightweight, they may not be extremely practical in high winds or very cold conditions. Typically the folding style ice fishing shelters are smaller and are not designed for standing up, but there are some larger versions available.

Homemade Ice Fishing Shelters

Homemade ice fishing shelters can be just as effective if not more effective than some of the commercially available ice fishing shelters. Most homemade ice fishing shelters are designed along the lines of the flip-over or flip-up style, but some ice fishing shelters are also fully collapsible tent like structures. There are many different ice fishing shelter plans available on the internet for low cost ice fishing shelters that can be easily made at home.

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