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Ice Fishing Derbies in Montana Winter 2013

Ice Fishing Derbies Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks approved a number of ice fishing contests for 2013-2014. Participants must comply with state fishing regulations, including daily and possession limits. Some contests require catch-and-release fishing and participants in these contests may not keep any fish. Contact information for each contest can be found at FWP’s website at The… Read More »

Benefits of Ice Fishing

 Benefits of Ice Fishing For many fishermen winter doesn’t mean a stop for fishing. Rather winter is just the perfect environment to enjoy the winter weather and the challenge of ice fishing on the many frozen lakes and waterways. Ice fishing offers several advantages to summer fishing although many people don’t realize all the benefits in choosing off-season… Read More »

Choosing Your Ice Fishing Rod

Choosing Your Ice Fishing Rod Choosing the correct ice fishing rod is important as you don’t want to have to deal with problems with ice fishing equipment when you are out on the frozen lake. Spending some time getting ice fishing rods that will meet all your needs is a good idea since ice fishing rods are undoubtedly… Read More »

Ice Fishing In Lac Du Bonnet

Ice Fishing In Lac Du Bonnet Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba is located almost 111 kilometers, which is about 70 miles northeast from the capital city of Winnipeg. Lac du Bonnet is so named because of the bonnet shape of the huge lake that is home to fishing tournaments both in the winter and in the summer months. Ice… Read More »

Pamper Yourself With An Ice Fishing House

  Pamper Yourself With An Ice Fishing House   Being out on the ice can sometimes include long periods of waiting for the fish to decide to bite or in just patiently trying different ice fishing lures and ice fishing bait to get some ice fishing action. In the cold weather even short waits can seem like an… Read More »

Maine Ice Fishing

There are many different sports and popular winter activities in Maine. Ice fishing is on the top on most angler’s lists. Maine ice fishing offers a variety of species of fish as well as an opportunity to fish many of the lakes and waterways that are not always accessible to anglers in the summer months. For example, deep… Read More »

Renting An Ice Fishing House

  Renting An Ice Fishing House If you are trying out a new lake or are not a frequent winter angler an ideal way to save money and still stay comfortable out on the ice is by renting one of the many different styles of ice fishing houses. Ice fishing houses are permanent shelters on the ice and… Read More »

Common Types Of Ice Fishing Shelters

  Common Types Of Ice Fishing Shelters Ice fishing shelters are usually more or less of a necessity if you plan to spend long periods of time out on the open ice. Ice fishing shelters protect anglers from the bitter winter winds and also prevent sun glare. Ice fishing shelters keep even small amounts of heat within the… Read More »

Types of Ice Fishing Lures

Types of Ice Fishing Lures There are many different types of ice fishing lures that can be used for ice fishing. Which ice fishing lures to use typically relates to the species of fish you are after and the water conditions. Most of the winter ice fishing lures can also be used throughout the summer fishing season, which… Read More »

Ice Fishing Tackle Kits

Ice Fishing Tackle Kits For those who are planning to start the exciting sport of ice fishing, there is usually some concern with having the right ice fishing tackle. It can be a bit overwhelming with the huge number of ice fishing rods, ice fishing reels, ice fishing lures and specialty items available in online fishing stores, sporting… Read More »