Building Your Own Ice Fishing Shanty

By | October 8, 2013
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Building Your Own Ice Fishing Shanty

There are a huge number of models and styles available for pre-made options for building ice fishing shanty. Most of these designs for building portable ice fishing shanties are portable and can be fully or partially collapsed for easy moving off and onto the ice surface. Some of the pre-fabricated portable ice fishing shanty designs also have their own skids or sled runners to make moving the ice fishing shanty as simple as possible. Some may be actual trailers.

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Portable ice fishing shanties are different than ice fishing houses. Ice fishing houses are more permanent structures that are typically built on the lake and left in place for the winter. Portable ice fishing shanties are easily moved and not usually intended to be left in place for the whole season.

If you want to be a bit more adventurous or try designing a custom ice fishing shanty, it isn’t hard to do on your own. Most home designed portable ice fishing shanty buildings can be made for under $100, especially if you already have some of the basic carpentry supplies around the house or shop. A pre-fabricated portable ice fishing shanty can cost significantly more than this with additional features all adding to the price of the final ice fishing shanty.

There are many websites that offer basic ice fishing shanty plans for ice fishing shanties that are simple to construct, portable and permanent. Typically the portable ice fishing shanty plans will include a door, windows and interior lighting, a wood stove or alternate source heater, fold down benches or permanent benches and storage area for extra gear and tackle.

Ice fishing shanties may be large enough to stand in and comfortable to move around in for one or two people and even for larger groups. It is important to keep in mind that the larger portable ice fishing shanty styles will take more to heat as well as will possibly need additional people to move it around.

In larger portable ice fishing shelters it is also important to consider the position of the heater in regards to where the benches or ice fishing area will be. Ice fishing heaters are generally best positioned on the end, evenly positioned between where anglers will sit to fish. Positioning ice fishing heaters this way serves two purposes in that the heat is evenly distributed and the heat is also effective in preventing ice build up over the holes.

Finally, a wood and canvas ice fishing shanty is not as durable as a solid construction ice fishing shanty, but a wood and canvas ice fishing shanty is much easier to transport and move around on the ice than an ice fishing house. A wood and canvas ice fishing shanty can be just as warm and comfortable inside, although in extremely windy conditions the canvas or tarp may have a tendency to rip or tear if it becomes loose, so be sure to have additional tacks or staples on hand to complete any necessary repairs.

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